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Your wedding will be filled with love, laughter, and romance. It represents everything you share as a couple.  You want a cinematographer who understands this, and we do. We know how to capture your love story like few can! Year after year, our films will take you back to the love and romance of that special day.  

Featured Wedding Films

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Andi + Drew

  Columbia, South Carolina


Kerri + Brandon

  Florence, South Carolina


Casey + Bailey

  Little Mountain, South Carolina

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Brandon + Jodi

  Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina

Featured Films

Film Collections

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Highlight Collection

- 4 to 5 Minute Wedding Film 

- Film of Ceremony and Major Events of  Reception

- Full Day Coverage 

- No Travel Fees

- Aerial Footage 

- Online Delivery 

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Featurette Collection

- 7 to 8 Minute Wedding Film

- Film of Ceremony and Major Events  of  Reception

- Full Day Coverage

- No Travel Fees

- Aerial Footage 

- Online Delivery 

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 1.03.14 PM.jpg

Epic Collection

- 10 to 12 Minute Wedding Film

- Film of Ceremony and Major Events  of Reception

- 1 Minute Teaser Film

- Full Day Coverage + one extra video       session. 

- No Travel Fees

- Aerial Footage

- Online Delivery


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Film Packages
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A Small Town Story

I have always been fascinated with storytelling.  Whether it was the countless bedtime stories I heard as a child, or the adventure movies I watched as a teenager, or the novels I read as a college student, stories have always captivated me. 


Now, as a film maker, I want to tell your story.  So many videographers claim to be story tellers, but they just simply aren't.  My work speaks for itself.  Just take a moment to check out one of our wedding films and you will see.  Few can truly capture the romance and emotions of your special day like us.  We are passionate about your love story.  So shoot us a message, we want to get to know you more!


-Wes Howard, Filmmaker

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Our Story


"If you don't think you need a videographer, think again. While it's great to have the image of a moment captured in a photo, it's priceless to experience the feelings of that moment all over again on film. Even if you have an amazing photographer (like I did), photos alone will not capture your wedding day in its entirety. You’ll miss out on the subtle smile that grows across your groom's face as he hears you walking up from behind for the first look, that little rise of happiness in your shoulders as you're announced husband and wife, and the sweet words of your best man and maid of honor toasting to your future.

You'll want to remember all of those precious moments, and the photos just won’t do it. But Wes’ films provided exactly that for my husband and me. We can feel the excitement and love of that day anytime we want, for the rest of our lives. Thanks to Wes, we will always have these moments to look back on and remember for a lifetime."


- Dave + Kaitlyn -

"I was amazed at how beautiful the video Wes created of our special day turned out! He is a very professional and talented! The drone footage was a special and extravagant plus!"

- Brandon + Jodi - 

"Our wedding feature film turned out absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Small Town Films for capturing these special moments for us to relive for all of our years to come! You were a joy to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better videographer. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible work."


- Andi + Drew - 

"It was a pleasure to work with Wes. He is very professional and it seems like he never sat still. The wedding video turned out amazing and we received so many compliments. I highly recommend Wes...not just for wedding videos."

- Jessica + Cherokee -

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